Vinitaly, Occhiuto: “Nice opportunity to demonstrate to the country how much excellence there is in Calabria”


By John

“Today is a great opportunity to demonstrate to the country how much excellence there is in Calabria. Many wineries to which the Region, thanks to the work of the councilor Gianluca Gallohas given the opportunity to exhibit its products here at Vinitaly.
And it is beautiful that Calabria has chosen this slogan 'where it all began', because ours is the land of Enotria, which has many excellent vines and many small wineries that need to be supported on the international wine markets”.

The president of the Calabria Region said it, Roberto Occhiutospeaking to journalists on the sidelines of the opening day of Vinitaly, in Verona.

“Such an important sector because it is deeply linked to the territory. Promoting our excellent wines means carrying out a major marketing operation also in the tourism sector. I remember that many wineries in Italy have made the fortune of the places in which they are located. For this reason, it is the Region's duty to increasingly support our wineries. This year at Vinitaly we changed our strategy regarding our exhibition spaces. An operation that will allow us to replicate this formula in the coming years too. We were used to fairs where installations were set up which were then scrapped, but instead this beautiful space which we are presenting this year will become the property of the Calabrian wineries who will also use it in the next editions of Vinitaly”.

“Large and small Calabrian producers in one large exhibition showcase”

“Today here we have many Calabrian producers who make great sacrifices to demonstrate how excellent Calabria is. Among these – underlined Occhiuto – I want to point out some small wineries that were founded by young people and that are contributing to giving greater innovation to an ancient work that Calabria is finally declining in a decidedly modern way”.

“This year our region at Vinitaly, from large to small producers, presents itself united in a single large exhibition showcase. A fine example of critical mass, an important and intelligent operation, which demonstrates the effort we are making to make visible both the big brands on the national and international scene and the small but precious wineries that produce high quality products in more limited quantities ”.