Vittorini’s “Together” choir is the protagonist of a video clip about Christmas


By John

A nice Christmas project that involved the young students of the “Elio Vittorini” primary school, already giving that Christmas atmosphere that is long awaited by everyone. It took shape in recent days in the Viale Annunziata complex, directed by prof. Giovanni Maisano, the idea of ​​the Messina music producer Giuseppe Piscitello who decided to try his hand at a soft-pop song for the first time. And she did it by involving the children who, with great joy, participated in the initiative, making it truly one of a kind.

The result was thus a melodious piece which featured human voices in a much less electronic context than what has been done in previous years. The song recorded by adults and children – with the participation of Anna Clara Piscitello, daughter of the song’s author – thus exalted the typical peculiarities of Christmas told by very young voices (the choir) supported by a female voice. Desires of hope and charity towards those who cannot experience Christmas to the fullest have thus been added to the typically Christmas tones, emulating the gesture of grabbing a star (symbol of hope) to give it to someone in need.

The song featured a simplified melodic musicality, so as to be immediately sung by everyone (goal immediately achieved).
Since its conception, the producer Giuseppe Piscitello had foreseen a choir with at least 6 voices but the meeting with the “Insieme” choir of the Compensivo “Vittorini” exceeded all expectations and the agreement was immediate. The enthusiasm shown by the 17 children who participated in the initiative was a necessary vehicle and basic ingredient to complete the project. The song, distributed by Amuse with the Giuseppe Piscitello label, will now be available in all audio streaming stores from December 2nd and accompanied by a video clip on Youtube.

The choir of 17 students was made up of Aurora Addamo, Sofia Libro, Alessia Ambriano, Giulia Oteri, Nicole Leopizzi, Francesco Beccore, Dalila De Maria, Arianna Arena, Alice Curcio, Benedetta Pappa, Samuele La Rosa, Emma Panarello, Sabrina Inferrera, Ilaria Leotta, Marta Noccioli, Elena Rizzotto and Marzia Spadaro. The directors of the choir were also excellent – Antonella Calcagno, Paola Chiofalo and Patrizia Milazzo – who with care and great skill were able to make the 17 little artists give their best.