Roni Kariboi, the 25-year-old Israeli-Russian hostage managed to escape: “The inhabitants gave him back to Hamas”


By John

Roni Kariboithe hostage 25 year old Israeli-Russian released yesterday by Hamas, he managed to escape from the building where he was being held prisoner in Gaza, he hid for 4 days trying to figure out how to reach the border, then he was captured by the inhabitants who handed him back to the terrorists. This is the story told to Ynet by Roni’s aunt, Yelena Magid, after the release of the boy kidnapped on October 7 at the rave party in the desert where he worked as a sound engineer and whom Hamas said it had freed in “tribute to the president’s efforts Vladimir Putin and as a sign of respect for Russia’s position.”

Roni «said that they were holding him prisoner in a building that later collapsed due to the bombings, he tried to escape, it was like in a movie, for four days he hid around there and was alone, in the end the inhabitants of Gaza captured him and they returned him to the hands of terrorists”, said Yelena Magid, reporting her nephew’s words. «Roni tried to reach the border, but he didn’t have the means to understand where he was and where to escape. I asked him how do you feel? Do you have nightmares at night? He told me, ‘Listen, I have nightmares, but everything’s fine.’

Yulia Kariboi, Roni’s sister, wrote on Facebook: «I have no words to thank everyone, for the support, the concern, the help, the prayers. We made it, Roni came home. Walking, smiling and laughing. Just as strong as he always was.” «But we are not finished, many of our other brothers are left behind. Let’s continue to fight for them. We won’t stop until everyone is back sleeping in their beds next to their families. Everyone has to go back.”