Water crisis in Messina, there is an ordinance from the mayor: here's how water consumption should be managed


By John

The mayor of Messina, Federico Basile, by virtue of the water crisis that is affecting the whole of Sicily and also the province of Messina, albeit in a less evident way than other territories, has published an ordinance with which he reduces the possibility of using water in some circumstances. A series of hourly bans which should reduce water consumption for the coming summer months.

What is expected

“To all citizens, throughout the municipal territory, with immediate effect and until the end of the water criticality which will be communicated with possible revocation of this ordinance and in any case until the maximum date of 31 October 2024, the ban on the withdrawal and consumption of drinking water for: the irrigation and watering of gardens and lawns which can only take place in the time slot from 10pm to 6am and for no more than 60 minutes; the washing of courtyard areas and squares, if not to the minimum extent essential and in any case without unnecessary waste; the washing of private vehicles in one's own homes; for the purposes of monitoring water resources, l The installation of showers along the equipped public beaches will be staggered, providing 25 in the initial phase and subsequently managing further installations if the available water resources allow their implementation.
Furthermore, if necessary, if the aforementioned indications are not respected or if they do not have the desired effects on savings on water consumption, it will be necessary to proceed with further measures such as closing any showers already installed along the municipal beaches (beaches free equipped) and the filling of private swimming pools, as well as tanks useful for irrigation with withdrawal from the city networks”.