Messina, provincial committee of the Red Cross: the Board of Directors has been renewed


By John

Antonio Chimicata will lead the Messina Provincial Committee of the Italian Red Cross. Active for 25 years on the volunteering front within the important organisation, Chimicata was reconfirmed as president for the four-year period 2024/2027 at the end of the elections which took place on 19 May; were elected to the board of directors Franca Melita (former vice-president of the Committee), Maria Lembo (volunteer student nurse), Vincenzo Muscatello (already delegated for the objective “Community preparedness and response to emergencies and disasters”) e Simone Frijia, elected by young volunteers aged between 14 and 32 years.

“I would like to express profound gratitude to those who have placed their trust in me and in the members of the new board of directors. I will continue to work alongside, with a sense of responsibility, the volunteers and all the people our organization assists on a daily basis. In particular, I wish to instill in young people the same enthusiasm that I have received from the Red Cross in the many years shared, strengthening the spirit of sharing and service and the commitment to those experiencing emergency, hardship or marginalization situations”, declared Chimicata.

Among the objectives of the new board of directors is to “further consolidate assistance for people and families in difficulty, supporting them in the vulnerable situations they face every day due to social, economic and environmental changes”. “We intend to develop – said the president – activities dedicated to protecting citizens' health, preventing risks and responding to emergencies. It is our intention to spread a culture of peace and non-violence, supported by humanitarian principles and values, also through initiatives aimed at promoting International Humanitarian Law”.