Zauli warns Crotone: “Watch out for Potenza”


By John

Mister Zauli’s Crotone will face Potenza of former rossoblù coach Franco Lerda this afternoon at the “Scida”.. The Pythagorean coach, in addition to the long-term patients D’Errico, Vitale and Gigliotti, will have to do without another player. «Except for the usual injured people, the team is fine – declares Zauli – we have a small problem with Bove who has not yet recovered after last week’s injury in Caserta. We are ready to face a difficult match, it’s true that Potenza has mixed results, but I’ve seen the last few matches, they lost the derby badly, which created some discontent among the fans, but they put in some good performances. It’s a healthy team that believes in what it does.”

But Zauli thinks more about the performance of his boys: «I may always seem very worried about the opposing teams, but the championship is saying that every match must be played, and that a great performance is always needed to obtain a great result. I like to communicate to the environment that we always need our best match because I don’t see simple matches.”
Potenza has so far obtained only one point away from home, but it is a fact that should not be misleading: «I look at the table and I see Potenza has 18 points, us 22. The ones most likely to win the final have 26, after After 14 games, the ranking almost doesn’t exist for me to date. We’re talking about a 4-5 point difference, a right or wrong match. So I don’t evaluate the opponent’s strength based on the position he occupies. I value a team that has Caturano, Asencio, Schiattarella and three experienced 1.90m centre-backs. I don’t let the numbers fool me, there is an incredible balance in this championship. The results of the last day demonstrate the difficulty of this group”