14 million Italians are ready for the spring long weekends


By John

Despite the drop in temperatures and with an eye on the weather forecasts which promise the arrival of a milder climate, Italians are ready to leave to take advantage of the spring long weekends of April 25th and May 1st. But above all they are encouraged to stay in Italy. According to Federalberghi estimates, almost 14 million (13.9) Italians intend to travel between the anniversary of the Liberation and Labor Day. Specifically, 4.1 million fellow citizens will take the long shot, i.e. use both holidays; 4.6 million will leave only on April 25th and 5.2 million travelers will leave on May 1st. Without a doubt, this year's calendar, which places Liberation Day on Thursday and Workers' Day on Wednesday, has played an important role in the general planning. Which favored national goals. 90.2%, of the approximately 5 thousand interviewed for a survey entrusted to Tecnè, stated that they intend to remain in Italy. The favorite destinations for travelers who will remain within national borders will be the seaside (39.7%), art locations (25.6%) and the mountains (13.7%). For those who will go abroad, the large European capitals win (74.5%), followed by the sea (17.1%). The preferred accommodation will be a hotel (39.9%); followed by the home of relatives and friends with 26.1%, owned homes (18.9%) and bed & breakfast (9.8%).

«It seems important to me to underline the affection that Italians show for our facilities: as far as the stay is concerned, the hotel is in pole position for the majority of travellers» comments the president of Federalberghi, Bernabo Bocca. And Confindustria Alberghi is also very satisfied with the trend, having noted an average occupancy of the structures that exceeds 70% thanks to a significant growth in Italian customers in addition to foreign ones. And he also sees the first test bed for seaside destinations where bookings are increasing both for the long weekend of 25 April, where the rooms booked are 77% of those available, and for the weekend as “very positive”. May 1st, where the percentage is already at 67%. And the cities are doing “very well”. Venice confirms itself as the most popular destination both for the 25 April long weekend with over 90% of rooms already booked and for the 1 May long weekend, with over 88% of bookings.

«Overall, test passed. We look forward to the next few months with confidence despite the challenges facing the sector”, he comments Maria Carmela Colaiacovo, president of Confindustria Alberghi. The holiday will have an average duration of 4.3 days and those who remain in Italy will spend an average of 422 euros. Tourism therefore confirms itself as an exceptional driver for the local economy, creating a turnover of 2 billion euros. «Spring long weekends, in addition to being important opportunities for growth for local tourism, can represent potential moments to discover or rediscover minor Italy, made up of small municipalities, fascinating villages, places that arise in the more internal and less traveled areas from the canonical tourist flows” underlines the Minister of Tourism, Daniela Santanchè recalling the 34 million euros from the Fund for small municipalities with a tourist vocation.

On the other hand, the Federalberghi survey indicates that the main motivation for the holiday will be rest and relaxation (63.2%) and that during these days, the main activities will consist of walks (75%), excursions and trips ( 47.7%), participation in food and wine events (38.8%) and visits to museums or exhibitions (24.7%). All this by adjusting the weather variable which, meanwhile, for April 25th, predicts the return of the sun to the North, but not to the Dolomites where there will be precipitation, a stable climate in the Center even if with some afternoon showers in the Apennines and Marche and a mostly stable and sunny day in the South, although there will be some rainfall along the coasts of Campania and Tyrrhenian Calabria.