2012 ticket exemption not due, ASP Messina requests the sums. The CISL: “It is absurd to deny services to those who do not pay”


By John

The ASP of Messina has started a recovery of the payment of the ticket for health services used by people who would not have been entitled to the exemption. The screening began in 2012 and several requests for payment have already been notified after, as stated in the letter, «checks were carried out on the basis of the information made available by the Revenue Agency» and which «highlighted the lack of the necessary requirements to take advantage of the benefit» with «the self-certification presented». They make it known the federation of CISL pensioners and Adiconsumunderline the presence in the letter of the apostille that access to new specialist outpatient services provided by the National Health Service will be “inhibited until the previous debt is regularised”».

«It seems to us to be an incredible thing that violates the main constitutional rules of access to health – say secretaries of the CISL, Antonino Alibrandi, and of the Fnp of Messina, Giovanni Ammendolia – in recent days we are receiving several reports or injunctions for investigations on self-certifications of ticket exemptions which do not provide sufficient information to verify and possibly oppose the measure. We immediately set off, through theAdiconsum, our consumer protection association, and we are also evaluating with the lawyers what paths to take.” The assessment contests the undue receipt of public funds and provides for the payment of the ticket, with a reduced penalty if paid within 60 days. An appeal can be lodged within 30 days of notification of the document. «The citizen – explain the two CISL trade unionists – is often in good faith or uninvolved in error. Since all this time has passed, it is difficult for many to remember. We have asked for an immediate meeting with the ASP to investigate the matter further.”