29-year-old footballer devoured by a crocodile: the reptile was shot down to recover the body


By John

A tragic and shocking event has hit the community of Rio Cañas, in the province of Guanacaste, Costa Ricawhen a young soccer player was brutally killed by a crocodile while taking a refreshing dip in a river. The incident deeply shook the quiet town, causing pain and disbelief among the residents.

The victim, identified as Jesus Alberto López Ortizaffectionately known as “Chucho”, was 29 years old and a member of the local soccer team, the Deportivo Rio Canas. Lopez’s passion for sports and his friendly personality made him a much loved figure in the community, where he leaves two children, ages eight and three, mourning his untimely passing.

The fatal crash occurred on July 29, as Lopez was swimming in the Rio Cañas River to escape the summer heat. While in the water, he was suddenly grabbed by a crocodile which dragged him under the water, leaving those present horrified and helpless at what was happening.

Soon after the attack, local residents banded together to form a team to bring down the crocodile and recover the victim’s body.