Reggio, the society’s laboratory school at Palazzo Alvaro: the civic education program promoted by the Metropolitan Police and the Civil Protection concludes


By John

The metropolitan mayor, Giuseppe Falcomatà, spoke during the final event of the project “The School, laboratory of society”, Civil Protection, Road and Environmental Police courses in schools, promoted by the Metropolitan Police Command and the Civil Protection Service, directed by the commanding officer Francesco Macheda. Among others, the delegated metropolitan councilor, Rudi Lizzi, and numerous students involved in the training program.

«Through the Metropolitan Civil Protection, the fruitful work of Commander Macheda and the Prociv associations – said Mayor Falcomatà – we have stimulated young people to be more sensitive to delicate issues such as prevention, respect for the territory, land consumption, of the danger linked to hydrogeological instability in a full awareness of living and inhabiting an area at high seismic risk”. «Therefore – he explained – all the information was provided that must instill, in boys and girls, a culture of prevention also with respect to the choices they will make in their future». «For this reason – continued Falcomatà – a path was chosen that starts from the schools and has its roots in a resolution of the Metropolitan Council, for which I thank the deputy mayor Carmelo Versace and the entire “Repaci” hall of Palazzo Alvaro. The idea, obviously, is to continue with subsequent steps, continuing to involve other students and schools in the metropolitan area.”

For councilor Lizzi “the work carried out was truly useful and valuable”. «As an administration – he stated – we strongly believe in the abilities of the kids who will become the future ruling class. Therefore, we constantly impose on ourselves the need to build paths in which the new generations can grow with a general awareness and training that goes beyond the fundamental didactic aspect imparted in schools”. «My congratulations – he added – are addressed to the sectors of the organization involved, to the Metropolitan Police and to Commander Macheda who promoted a project of the highest value, aimed at the consciences of the youngest. In this context, it is important to underline the importance of institutional collaboration and the role played by the world of associations. Communities, in fact, can only grow from an effective and productive synergy that can truly lead to the achievement of exceptional results like this.”

«One of the main objectives of the metropolitan administration – he concluded – deeply supported by the mayor Giuseppe Falcomatà, is precisely that of creating a real sense of belonging to the metropolitan territory to counter the phenomenon of youth emigration. The young people interested in the project, therefore, gave the full sensation of being able to be an enrichment and an added value for our district. I turn to them to push them to feel more and more part of the community of such a vast territory because they represent the true tomorrow of this land.”