A Reggina not beautiful but effective deputy on the Sancataldese field and obtains the third consecutive victory


By John


MARKERS: 60′ Bolzicco, 81′ Rosseti
SANCATALDESE (3-5-2): Sore 6.5; Ozawje 5.5, Brumat 5.5, Parisi F. 5.5; Correnti 6 (87′ Calabrese), Zerbo 6, Lo Nigro 6, Dampha 6 (70′ Giuffrida sv), Durmush 5.5; Valent 6, Mazza 6. Available: Duli, Papotto, Ojeda, Sclafani, Cintura. All. Sclafani 6
REGGINA (4-3-3): Velcea 6.5; Martiner 5.5 (50′ Perri 6), Girasole 6, Ingegneri 6, Cham 5.5; Mungo 6, Bright 5.5 (50′ Parodi 6.5), Barillà 6.5 (85′ Kremenovic sv); Provazza 6 (83′ Simonetta SV), Bolzicco 7 (65′ Rosseti 7), Porcino 6.5. Available: Fecit, Zanchi, Marras, Renelus. Annex Trocini 6
REFEREE: Federico Tassano from Chiavari.
NOTE: Booked: Lo Nigro, Mungo, Velcea, Ozawje Recovery: 4’pt, 5’st

Not a good Reggina in the first half, but an extremely effective one in the second half. The amaranths win on the Sancataldese pitch and obtain their third consecutive victory, which is perhaps worth the awareness of having taken the right path to consolidate themselves in the upper areas of the table and continue their race towards a playoff placement.
The match is decided by the two attackers: Bolzicco and Rosseti. Demonstrating the fact that, as often happens, in the top amateur league it is the players who see the goal that make the difference. Those that Bruno Trocini missed for a long time in the initial phase of this season.
The goals that decide the match erase a first half in which, once again, we saw an amaranth team that didn’t have a great approach. He had risked going under, but the Sicilians were unable to reach the net.
That was the signal that even the defensive phase, which has always been a great strong point of Reggina 2023-2024, was dancing a little too much. However, the difficulty in implementing a maneuver capable of creating scoring opportunities was nothing new.
In the second half the performance of the Amaranths was much more convincing as they first found the opening goal and then landed the knockout blow. The first signature on the scoresheet was that of Bolzicco, quick to exploit a service from Porcino from the left. Fifteen minutes into the second half and with a one-goal advantage, the Amaranths’ management of the match became optimal.
There were many chances to double the lead and in the end the 2-0 came with a goal from Rosseti, who hit the mark after a double attempt by Ingegneri and Grasiole.