Hamas: “The hostages will not return without negotiations.” Phone call between Netanyahu and Putin: “Dangerous cooperation between Russia and Iran”


By John

The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the Russian president Vladimir Putin they had a phone call for about 50 minutes this morning. According to Netanyahu’s office, the prime minister expressed concern about “the dangerous cooperation between Moscow and Tehran.” Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov reiterated that Moscow will do everything for a ceasefire in Gaza, blaming “Israel’s collective punishment of Palestinians.” The intensification of fighting in Khan Younis – which, according to Israel, will continue for another month – has prompted the IDF to order residents to leave their homes and reach the camp. Al-Mawasi. In the Strip the situation is dramatic.

The UN raises the alarm: “Half the population he dies of hunger9 out of 10 families they don’t eat every day”. United Nations Secretary General Guterres spoke at the Doha Forum and recalled the US veto of the resolution for a truce in Gaza: “The UN is paralyzed by geostrategic divisions. But I promise not to give up.”

Israel will not be able to recover any of its hostages unless it engages in talks on targeted exchange deals. Abu Obaida, spokesperson for the al-Qassam Brigades, said this: in a pre-recorded message broadcast by Al Jazeera. «We tell the Israelis that Netanyahu, Gallant and other members of the war cabinet cannot bring back their prisoners without negotiations. The latest killing of a prisoner they tried to take back by force proves this,” Obaida added.

According to Obaida, the militiamen from Beit Hanun to Khan Yunis in ten days «managed to destroy more than 180 military vehicles (troop transport vehicles, tanks and bulldozers), partially or totally. Our fighters carried out operations that included zero-range infantry attacks, dozens of sniper attacks and the use of anti-personnel weapons.” Last October 10, the Israeli army announced that it had struck the house of the spokesperson of the military wing of Hamas but there was no certain information on whether or not he was inside the house.