A street vendor who hid drugs among onions and garlic was arrested in Mistretta


By John

The charge is possession for the purpose of trafficking of narcotic substances. The carabinieri of the Mistretta Company have it like this a street vendor was arrested – in flagrante delicto 41-year-old from Palermo, already known to the police also for specific crimes.

The man was stopped by a patrol while he was driving his station wagon around the country. During the control operations, the individual showed an impatient attitude which led the military to deepen the checks and carry out a search on the person and the vehicle. In the trunk of the car, well hidden among a large quantity of onions and garlic, the Carabinieri found 10 blocks of hashish, in vacuum-packed packages, weighing over one kilogram in total.

The man was therefore taken to the barracks, where the Carabinieri formalized his arrest. The drugs were seized and sent to the Carabinieri of the RIS of Messina for the relevant laboratory analyses. Once the ritual formalities were completed, he was placed under house arrest.