Psc of Reggio, amendments of discord. Contrasts between politics and bureaucracy


By John

The amendments to the PSC generate chaos. After the “rejection” of the Metropolitan City, the Superintendence's prescriptions and the Urban Planning Office's decision send both the majority and the opposition into a rage. The measure adopted by the office in fact acquires the opinions of the superordinate bodies and adapts the Plan to the requirements received.
A decision – thunder from the majority – which contrasts with the decision approved by the City Council which instead had expressly foreseen that in the event of a negative opinion from the bodies the amendments would have to be “cancelled” automatically.
This was not the case. And battle is also announced from the minority. The center right is determined to formalize the request for clarification through the established procedures, and possibly to knock on the door of the Prefecture. A tug of war between the administrative offices and the political party continues. Because the document that arrived after 20 years, dozens and dozens of meetings with professional orders and trade associations had arrived for examination in the chamber with a non-positive opinion from the municipal office itself.