A Vandeputte penalty in the 90th minute sent Catanzaro into ecstasy, Ternana knocked out


By John

MARKERS: 10′ pt Biasci (C), 45′ Raimondo (T); 44′ st Vandeputte (C)
CATANZARO (4-4-2) Fulignati 6; Situm 6.5, Scognamillo 5.5, Brighenti 6.5, Veroli 6.5 (34’st Krajnc 6.5); Oliveri 6 (13′ st Stoppa 6), Ghion 6.5, Verna 6 (13′ st Pompetti 6), Vandeputte 6.5; Iemmello 5.5 (13′ st Donnarumma 6), Biasci 7 (34′ st D’Andrea 7). (Sala, Krastev, Curcio, Brignola, Pontisso, Sounas, Katseris). All. Vivarini 6.5
TERNANA (3-5-2) Iannarilli 6; Mantovani 6.5, Sorensen 5.5, Celli 5.5; DiakitĂ© 6.5, Luperini 6 (18′ st Marginean 6), Labojko 6.5 (18′ st Proietti 5.5), Pyyhtia 6.5, Corrado 5.5 (1′ st Favasuli 6); Raimondo 7 (31′ st Favilli 6), Falletti 6.5 (37′ st Distefano sv). (Brazao, Capanni, Casasola, Capuano, Paghera, Travaglini, Lucchesi). All. Lucarelli 6
REFEREE: Barons of Florence 6
WARNINGS: Luperini, Situm and Sorensen
NOTE paying 110, proceeds not communicated. Corners 5-7. Added time 4′, 6′.

LECCE – A hard-fought and desired victory. The Serie B bread that seemed to become very hard and in the end became much softer. Vandeputte’s penalty (how well D’Andrea took the maximum punishment) was as heavy as a rock. A three-point shot for the first victory among the cadets of this championship, the first success among the cadets after 6358 days. Then like yesterday against Ternana. It was very complicated, and therefore even more beautiful. Biasci’s goal at the start, an applause-worthy approach, an incisive, rapid, vertical maneuver seemed to have put the match downhill. But the Umbrians came out on top, deservedly equalized almost at half-time (Raimondo, escaped from Scognamillo), and proved to be as grim as Vivarini feared. But in the end they fell and the Giallorossi didn’t steal anything. Indeed, they believed in it until the end.
At the start Catanzaro was the same as Cremona (Oliveri right winger in midfield), but compared to his debut Situm accentuated his movements to enter the field, playing the right back in the non-possession phase and the right midfielder in the possession phase. possession.

Ternana immediately tried from outside with Falletti (in the 2nd minute and, after an incorrect disengagement by Fulignati, in the 9th minute), but it was the Eagles who expressed themselves in a more organic way. Then, after some good phrasing, Ghion-Verna-Iemmello quickly moved on to collect: cross by Oliveri, Iemmello headed to the far post, clearance by Iannarilli, tap in winner by Biasci. Like last year, he scored the Eagles’ first league goal (10′).

Having conceded the goal, the Umbrians didn’t just stand by and watch, they tried again from outside with Falletti, then in transition Raimondo challenged Fulignati (21′), they took the field and with conviction exploited the return movements of Falletti, the most mobile and incisive, but above all they were more reactive in midfield. For this reason, in the last minute of the first half, Raimondo’s equalizer was deserved, as he entered the area behind Scognamillo to collect Mantovani’s throw. It’s true that Iemmello, shortly before, had the knockout ball (slightly late on a cross from the left), but in injury time Fulignati denied Pyyhtia an encore following the development of a corner.

Ternana started the second half at full speed, was insidious on two opening corners, but took a big risk on the Iemmello-Ghion counterattack which led to Vandeputte (4′, high) shooting from the center of the area. Situm and Biasci built an insidious action (12′) when Catanzaro enveloped the Umbrians more forcefully. Triple substitution for Vivarini at game time: Donnarumma, Pompetti and Stoppa for Iemmello, Verna and Oliveri. Stoppa challenged Iannarilli, but Ternana responded blow for blow. In the final, Vivarini launched D’Andrea and Krajnc and the pair found the penalty (foul by Proietti on D’Andrea) which Vandeputte coolly converted… Belgian.