Abramo Customer Care dispute, a glimmer of hope opens: Tim extends activities by three months


By John

The RSU Uilcom union announced that “Tim has communicated the 3-month extension for Abramo’s consumer activities. This extension does not resolve the dispute of the 1070 Abraham employees but manages to give the necessary time so that the appropriate solutions are found for everyone’s working future. It is understood that an immediate summons to the Ministry is expected”. Between yesterday and today, among other things, the President of the Region, Roberto Occhiuto, had several conversations with Tim. Late this afternoon, Tim informed the governor that there will be a 3-month extension of the contracts. The Region will continue to work in the coming weeks in order to find a structural solution for the future of these workers. Even the mayor of Crotone, Vincenzo Vocehas just received the communication from Dr Sabina Strazzullo, head of Tim’s institutional relations, who anticipated that every decision relating to the future of the contract with Abramo Customer Care has been suspended for three months. A formal communication on the matter from TIM will follow within the next few hours. On the same level the comment of the mayor of Catanzaro, Sergio Abraham: “We welcome with satisfaction the results of the conversation that President Occhiuto had with Tim, receiving reassurances on the extension of the orders with Abramo Customer Care for three months. We await further details from the union representatives and official communications from the Tim itself, this indiscretion would represent a first important milestone compared to the requests that I shared together with my fellow mayors of Crotone and Cosenza. The implications of the dispute remain very complex and require long-term solutions, capable of giving certainty to employees and stability to company structures, but what has transpired in recent hours comforts us in view of the next steps to be taken jointly between the administrations of the territories concerned and the unions”.

Orsomarso’s request was accepted

“Regarding the worrying crisis of the call centers in Calabria, we have asked the Government and our ministers, bringing the problem to the attention of Palazzo Chigi, for an extraordinary intervention on Tim, so that the company can give a few months time to deal with the dispute with greater serenity and not close to Christmas”. This is what the senator of the Brothers of Italy says Fausto Orsomarso, who continues: “This is a difficult situation that has been going on for several years and in relation to which, with the contribution of the Regional Government and the sensitivity of the president Roberto Occhiuto and the regional councilor for Labor Giovanni Calabrese, and with the commitment of the National Government, we believe we can work on various solutions in the coming weeks. The objective must be to resolve this corporate issue, which in reality has long reflected the crisis of the entire call center sector, put in difficulty by delocalisations and new technological frontiers which, even in perspective, lead to a continuous reduction of volumes. I believe – continues Senator Orsomarso – that a further sacrifice can be asked of the Tim company so as not to make the many families involved go through a Christmas of suffering and uncertainty, and to recover the time necessary to search at the various institutional tables for possible solutions to guarantee the their working future”.