Acquaro, Nando Portaro has passed away. It was his grandfather who offered him his belongings for a little company


By John

Ferdinando (known as Nando) Portaro, a shoemaker originally from Acquaro, in the Vibo area, guest of the RSA of Soriano Calabro, passed away at the age of almost 89 (he would have turned it in August). His name, more or less intentionally, and, more or less voluntarily, has jumped several times and for the most varied reasons to the (dis)honors of the news, with respect speaking. Last, in chronological order, a request for help. In fact, despite having a daughter who lives in the Reggio area, Portaro lived alone and, having reached a stage in his life in which he could not manage himself, he had appealed to someone of good will to come and live with him. The request was simply to be able to have a chat in company, to be given help with the household chores and to be offered support in all the daily tasks, which he could no longer manage, because his age did not allow him to be in perfect shape. In exchange he offered room and board and, upon his departure, everything he owned. Maybe it wasn't much. Maybe yes. The regret lies in the fact that, although there were numerous responses to the heartfelt appeal, none satisfied his needs.

Returning to the news, shortly before there was talk about him because, sensing this situation, he had even tried to harm himself by adding poison to the food he consumed. He didn't even miss a home robbery, in which he was immobilized and a large part of his financial savings, which he didn't keep in credit institutions because he didn't trust them, were taken away. All the local media talked about it. But the event on which the media focused most was, at the end of the 1960s, the murder of his wife, for which he accused himself. Unjustly and incomprehensibly according to what public opinion universally believes. Perhaps the “official” news on this event had an impact. Maybe he didn't make the effort to look for her properly to explain his reasons. But this is the reason why relations with his daughter finally broke down. In the meantime he experienced years of prison, mental asylum and solitude and, finally, a retirement home. In an interview a few years ago he told us which were the hardest but, for confidentiality reasons, we will leave it out. The funeral will take place on Sunday 2 June morning in the parish church of Acquaro, where the body will arrive directly. The sad news was given by the support administrator appointed by the court, the lawyer Debora Campennì, who assisted him lovingly. Together with “the affection of the operators of the Soriano RSA”, directed by the head nurse Rosita Romanò. “All his relatives” pity him. The hope is that the place that divine providence has assigned to him will give him the serenity and justice that life has not granted him.