After the acquittal, Mayor Falcomatà returned to the Municipality of Reggio


By John

Reinstated in his duties, after his acquittal in the Court of Cassation on the charge of abuse of office, the mayor of Reggio Calabria, Giuseppe Falcomatà, returned to the Municipality to resume the administrative path that he had started in 2020 and which was interrupted in November 2021 due to the suspension triggered by the Severino Law. Falcomatà, a member of the Democratic Party, was elected mayor for the first time in 2014, when he was 31 years old. Welcomed by Paolo Brunetti, who has been the acting mayor for almost two years, Falcomatà chaired a council meeting and signed some documents. Then, on the same morning, the mayor met the prefect in the territorial government office Massimo Mariani. Falcomatà’s term as mayor is set to expire in the spring of 2026.