Agape, Sportello Rosa and AGiFar Cosenza renew the meeting with the students of “Da Vinci Nitti”


By John

The second meeting with the students of the IIS Da Vinci Nitti of Cosenza, entitled “The first true beauty is health”, promoted by the AGAPE Association and the Sportello Rosa of Cosenza in collaboration with the pharmacists' association AGIFAR Cosenza, took place in the Piazza Cappello headquarters. The opening of the proceedings, coordinated by Prof. Pileria Pellegrino, saw the protagonists of the morning being the President of the AGAPE Association, Prof. Costantina Bartella, the head of the Pink Desk, Dr. Flora Barone and the Welfare Councilor of the Municipality of Cosenza Dr. Veronica Buffone. The project aims to raise awareness among young students of prevention, of the particular attention they must pay to Fake News on social media, which are sponsored and disseminated as models of beauty and health and which can cause serious damage during the growth phase. In wanting to strengthen this thesis, experts from the health sector intervened, pharmacists such as the president of AGIFAR Cosenza, Dr. Mariafrancesca Gallo and Dr. Simone Rosato, the nutritional biologist, Dr. Maria Letizia Campanella and the dance teacher oriental and fitness coach Valentina Gallo. The second part of the day took place in separate meetings with category professionals, workshops with students, on issues relating to healthy eating, the correct and correct consumption of food supplements and the importance of sporting activity for psychophysical well-being. The day's event ended in a plenary meeting in which the strengths and weaknesses emerged that the students themselves highlighted in the various interventions. We thank the Director, Prof. Damiano De Paola and Prof. Gianna Gargano and Graziella Candreva for organizing the meeting and giving the children the opportunity to have information on the correct lifestyle that helps prevent serious diseases and feel well with themselves.