Akademia Messina, assault on the final for A1. At PalaRescifina the public of major events


By John

The outcome of the Play-Off Semifinals will be decided on the “PalaRescifina” taraflex. Once again, a high intensity match for the hot Messina supporters who, on Sunday afternoon starting at 5pm, will be able to witness the final act of the series between Akademia Città Di Messina and Cda Volley Talmassons Fvg. The match will decide who will compete in the A1 Finals against Futura Giovani Busto Arsizio. The latter overcame Cbf Balducci Hr Macerata in the other semi-finals; Two matches were enough for coach Beltrami's girls to get the better of the Marches and, therefore, over the weekend, she will only be a spectator – but obviously interested – in the match on the banks of the Strait.

Without the coach on the bench

It won't be from Sunday afternoon's match, coach Fabio Bonafede. The National Sports Judge disqualified the Syracuse coach for one match and therefore he will not be able to sit on the bench in game 3 against Talmassons. The company requested and obtained access to the Game 2 documents to understand what happened: “We are very sorry for the disqualification which will deprive us, in the most important moment of the season, of our coach – declared president Fabrizio Costantino. A very heavy absence that arose in questionable circumstances to say the least. In fact, in light of the sensational errors committed in previous matches by the match director concerned, a request had been forwarded to the Federation to no longer appoint him in matches directly involving our club. We have requested access to the documents and, reading their contents, it is clear that the measure is disproportionate compared to the contested non-regulatory behavior. If we then consider that we are going to play Game 3 of a Play-Off Semifinal, it seems even more absurd. More common sense should be used when making certain decisions. Sin; Coach Bonafede is not only an expert and prepared coach, but an absolute point of reference for our entire club and the entire national volleyball movement.”