Agreement between the Municipality of Catanzaro and Enea, the capital will be Opinion Leader for the promotion of energy efficiency


By John

“The agreement between Enea and the Municipality of Catanzaro, which will give the capital the role of Opinion Leader for the promotion of energy efficiency, must undoubtedly be greeted with satisfaction”. The city councilor wrote this in a note Vincenzo Capellupoadding that “this is a further act in line with the government program on which Mayor Fiorita asked for and obtained the voters' trust.

The agreement, which is part of the national campaign financed by the Ministry of the Environment – ​​writes Capellupo – will make Catanzaro a real urban laboratory with positive effects on different levels: from the diffusion of green culture among very young people to training for private professionals and public administration personnel. To finally arrive at a real master plan of eco-sustainable urban regeneration; a tool that could prove invaluable for those who have to plan the future of the capital. In short, a good example of what we mean by stating that good politics is that which thinks of the next generations and not, solely and exclusively, of the next elections.

From this point of view – continues Capellupo – the commitment of the current Administration is truly, as it were, 360 degrees and consistent with the commitments undertaken with the citizens. In fact, if the DE-Sign project with Enea is prospective, in terms of eco-sustainability iThe city government has already produced significant immediate interventions. Just think, just as an example, that Catanzaro was the first large city in the South to adopt the Consip agreement for the energy efficiency of fifty-two city schools for the next nine years. An intervention with very important repercussions not only in terms of saving on energy costs but also in terms of sustainability precisely because it reduces consumption and therefore emissions. Other interventions will come, also in light of the new annuities of the national and community funds that are currently being planned”.