Agreements, Taxes and Accounting in Piazza Sciacca: the offices will move tomorrow


By John

Starting tomorrow the office Accounting and Tax Office of the Municipality of Patti they will be operational in the new headquarters in Piazza Mario Sciacca. The two important municipal sectors will therefore leave the historic headquarters of Palazzo dell'Aquila, where the transfer of furnishings, archives and equipment is already underway. “We apologize for any inconvenience that may occur and thank you for your understanding during this transition phase,” reads a note released by the administrative leaders.
The move is motivated both by necessity to reorganize the offices, and to allow the imminent start of the renovation works on Palazzo dell'Aquila. In fact, the municipal headquarters in Piazza Scaffidi will soon be the subject of some important redevelopment and extraordinary maintenance interventions. After the administrative approval of the executive project, the work was admitted for financing by the regional Department of Infrastructure and Mobility. The project was included in the final ranking in 56th place and financed for 1 million euros, authorizing made the Palazzo dell'Aquila Authority proceed with the tender for the awarding of the works.

The intention of the Bonsignore-led executive is to proceed with the redevelopment of Palazzo dell'Aquila by making the building safe, replacing all the fixtures, renovating the facade, adapting the electrical system and waterproofing of the roof, with the aim of restoring decorum to the municipal building, on which the signs of aging are increasingly evident.
The renovation work falls within the framework of the interventions we are undertaking on various properties owned by the municipality – reports the councilor for public works Salvatore Sidoti. The recovery of Palazzo dell'Aquila has a double value: on the one hand – explains Sidoti – we aim to restore the maximum decorum to a historic building which, for centuries, has represented and represents the main seat of the city's political activity; on the other hand we plan to make the spaces even more functional for administrative activity, strengthening the services that the Municipality provides”.