Alemanno, “Vannacci had to be defended, the voters are disappointed”. The officer: “Me in politics? I’m a soldier, at least for now”


By John

Minister Crosetto made two mistakes: «bowing one’s head to the politically correct» and offending «one of the best officers in the army and who had already been censured for having had the courage to say what he thought of depleted uranium to the parliamentary commission. This had caused him to be exiled to the military geographical institute.’ Thus, in Repubblica, the former minister and leader of the Italian independence forum Gianni Alemanno.

«Donzelli like Bignami gave right-wing voters who didn’t like Crosetto’s behavior at all – he adds -. He is a warmongering minister, who has taken a clear position on the Ukrainian war and the Indo-Pacific by making the aircraft carrier Cavour available to the Americans. When he humiliates the best part of his army, does he go to the front line?’ According to Alemannic «to the right is a crack, so much so that we with the Forum have taken a stand against many of the government’s political choices which are in continuity with the Draghi agenda. Surely Meloni’s popularity still holds back many voters who give their consent to FdI, also because so far there is no visible alternative ». Will Alemanno propose it? “I really think so, if Meloni continues on this path”. When asked if his party will present itself at the European elections, he replies: «I don’t want to be the right of the right but to gather the sensibilities of the social right that Meloni has completely canceled from FdI».

He will run Vannacci? «First of all, the profile of an officer on duty must be respected, therefore any evaluation of this type is premature. I don’t think he’s homophobic, but he critiqued gender ideology in a simplistic way».

Vannacci: “Me in politics? I’m a soldier, at least for now”

«I have not heard from Minister Crosetto, I have read his declarations in the newspapers. And I have not received any notice of action. I I’ve been replaced since midnight today, I haven’t been removed from office». General Roberto Vannacci said this on ‘Morning News’ on Canale 5 regarding his former position as head of the Military Geographical Institute and after the controversy that arose around his book. “However, at the end of this possible disciplinary measure we will see the facts that have been charged to me and what the charges are”, adds the general who, going back to some sentences of his book, explains: ” I have not offended anyone, I have not discriminated against anyone Speaking of normality, for example, I am referring to custom and I am referring to statistical data: 90% of the population is heterosexual, not being heterosexual means being part of a minority”. General Vannacci then added that he “claims diversity, people they are equal in their dignity.” Perhaps, he concluded, “my opinions are questionable but not offensive. politics General Vannacci says “I’m a soldier. At least for now”.