Football in mourning, Carlo Mazzone has died. Putative father of Totti and last teacher of Roby Baggio. That race under the curve of the Atalanta fans…


By John

He died at the age of 86 in Carlo Mazzone. Symbol of Romanity and football lived in a visceral way, from the belly. Gone down in history for being, together with Znedek Zemanone of the putative fathers of Francesco Totti to Rome. In addition to having taken care of and made the “pupone” perform at its best, Mazzone was also the last technician and master of Roberto Baggio, at the time of Brescia. Precisely in that period, he ventured into one of what is considered one of the most epic scenes in football of those years: a long run towards the curve of Atalanta fans, who had teased him throughout the match, after 3 -3 scored by his “swallows” in the endgame. In March he had celebrated his birthday, tweeting the joy of being a grandfather. Known in the capital as Sor Carlettoholds the bench record in Serie A: 792 officials, 797 considering the five play-offs.