Ali’s man who disappeared into thin air was found in France: he was wandering disoriented and in a state of confusion


By John

Happy ending for the passing of Giuseppe Bonanno, the 61-year-old from Ali who had been missing for four days while he was traveling to Belgium. The man was found in Strasbourg, France, where he was hospitalized and this afternoon his family members who live in Tubize, a city 25 km from Brussels, were contacted and immediately set off and reached him in the evening, after more than four hours and almost 500 km of road. Bonanno had left Messina on Tuesday evening on a bus from the Flixbus company and was supposed to reach Brussels to visit his brother: however, there had been no news of him since Wednesday afternoon, when he arrived in Turin and changed buses according to the schedule voyage. On the route between Turin and Brussels he evidently got off at Strasbourg, one of the six scheduled stops, ed he was found by the authorities while he was walking around in a confused and disoriented state and then taken to hospital. The alarm was raised on Thursday morning, given that upon arrival at the Brussels terminus scheduled for 8.30, his family members had not found him on the bus and there was no trace of his luggage either, deciding at that point to report his disappearance. In recent days, thousands of people have shared the announcement of his disappearance on social networks, both in Italy and abroad, andPeppino Bonanno was also responsible for the television program “Chi l’ha visto” on Rai 3, which posted an ad on Friday. Last night the 61-year-old hugged his family again, who had been anxious for days, and left by car towards Tubize. “We thank God and our patron saint Sant’Agata, to whom Giuseppe is devoted, for having found him safe and sound – commented the municipal administration of Alì – we await him with open arms and we extend our greetings and a warm hug to all relatives in Belgium who went through hours of intense apprehension.”