Messina, caught at home with cocaine and crack. A 65-year-old woman arrested


By John

Yesterday 13 December, as part of the services aimed at combating the drug traffickingthe carabinieri of the Company of Southern Messina they have A 65-year-old from Messina, already known to the police, arrested in the act of committing a crime, allegedly responsible for the crime of “detention for the purpose of dealing drugs”.

During the territorial control services, the carabinieri had noticed an unusual movement of people, mostly young people known as drug users, in the vicinity of the woman’s home. On the basis of the information collected, the military carried out further checks and carried out a house search. The investigative intuition of the Carabinieri proved to be well founded given that the search made it possible to find and seize over 17 grams of cocaine and more than 7 grams of crack, together with a precision scale.

Once the formalities were completed, the woman was arrested and made available to the judicial authorities. The seized drugs, however, were sent to the Carabinieri of the RIS of Messina for laboratory analysis. The services aimed at combating drug dealing continue, set up throughout the entire area of ​​the Peloritan capital, in order to provide an incisive prevention and dissuasion activity for criminals from committing specific offenses in the context of drug dealing.

The proceeding is in the preliminary investigation phase and the principle of not guilty applies to the suspect until the final sentence, pursuant to art. 27 of the Constitution.