Ama Calabria, in Catanzaro “The legend of Belle and the Beast: the musical” makes you dream


By John

A fairy tale that becomes reality. Fantasy transforms into a legend, telling a love story in a different way, which has always fascinated adults and children for its delicacy. With “The Legend of Belle and the Beast: The Musical”which took place last night at Catanzaro Municipal Theaterwith Enrico Galimberti And Diletta Bellerithe Company of the Hour and the director Luca Cattaneo they give a different interpretation, but consistent with that described by Disney.The event, organized by LOVE Calabriadirected by Francescantonio Pollice, is financed with 2014/2020 CAP resources disbursed pursuant to the public notice “Cultural promotion events” issued by the Calabria Region – Department of Education, Training and Equal Opportunities – Culture Sector”.

Love is always sovereign and it is what increases the public’s desire to dream through the eyes of a child. The opening of the curtain is the moment in which desire becomes liberation. A waltz breathes the festive air that takes place in a hall; the joy drawn on the faces of those who dance is not the beginning, but belongs to an ending to be known. The narrator of the story stops the enthusiasm he has just experienced (Federico Della Sala), which tells the events in detail, taking us back in time.

A curse is cast on the two protagonists that drives them apart, erasing everything that had united them and forgetting each other. The Prince, even more, undergoes the transformation into a figure with animalistic features, which pushes him to hide in his castle. The beast (Enrico Galimberti) can only overcome that condition by finding, or rather rediscovering, a woman who loves him more than his own life.

The opening scene sees the guests doing all the dance steps in reverse, almost like a tape rewinding. The whole narrative begins in a compelling and engaging way thanks to the fast pace desired by the director. The freshness and simplicity of Belle (Diletta Belleri) are in contrast to her being a mature girl, whose strong character leads her to be enterprising and very attached to her family affections.

A deep relationship is the one that binds her to her brother Bernard (Alessandro Gaglio) and his sister Clotilde (Elisa Priano). Belle’s adventure is full of problems and obstacles. Above all Miguel (Manuel Diodato), her suitor, determined to do anything to marry her. Among many events that seem to distance Belle from her love, her destiny takes her to the Beast’s castle. Her feelings are intertwined with grotesque situations, full of humorous ideas.

Protagonists who give an ironic tone to some new characters, who are also affected by the curse. Poltrén, castle armchair (also in this role Federico Della Sala), the unlikely stylist Vitton (Alessio Bendoni), the exuberant and passionate fireplace Angelique, and the fun mirror Clarisse (second role of Elisa Priano) contribute with their verve to bringing Belle and the Beast together.

The innovations desired by the director Luca Cattaneo however, they keep the entire narrative on the already known tracks of the Disney cartoon. Credit must also be given to all the members of the Company of the Hourwho know how to excite and make people smile, creating a strong empathy with the public, always involved and passionate about the entire unfolding of the story.

A romantic relationship between Belle and the Beast with nuanced traits that leave their mark. Diletta Belleri she is perfect in the role of Belle. She plays with the same lightness and passion that her role requires of her. Enrico Galimberti he takes on the role of the Beast very well, a role that seems to fascinate him completely, also for having composed the music.

Set in the nineteenth century, Galimberti with his compositions was able to give the musical an ideal touch for that period. The “soundtrack”, whose lyrics are by Luca Cattaneo, is not a simple complement linked to the show, but as it must be for a real musical, it is the driving axis. All the characters showcase excellent singing skills. Enrico Galimberti with his imposing voice contrasts with the sweet one of Diletta Belleri, both with different tone registers. A real surprise.

If the music is striking for its beauty, the same can be said for the director’s attention to detail. The costumes and sets, six of them, enrich the entire musical. “The Legend of Belle and the Beast: The Musical” leaves a bad taste in the mouths of the spectators when the finale comes, bringing everyone back to real life, but with the certainty that love is the thing to believe in and cultivate every day. A message of hope greeted with lively enthusiasm by the public.

The theatrical season of LOVE Calabria will continue with a double appointment. Thursday 1 February And Saturday 3 Februaryat 9 pm, respectively at Grandinetti Theater in Lamezia Terme et al Catanzaro Municipal Theaterwill be on stage Alessandro Welcome with comedy “Falstaff at Windsor”a work dedicated to one of the great characters of William Shakespeare. In this adaptation the hero and anti-hero are “resurrected” in Windsor, expressing the nature of his character, thanks to a superb interpretation by an actor who has always been one of the most loved in our country.