Minniti’s recipe: “Change Bossi-Fini. And a European plan is needed for Africa”


By John

“The vision of President Sergio Mattarella and that of Giorgia Meloni are not in strategic conflict”. So to the Corriere della Sera the former Interior Minister Marco Minniti. «Between the walls and the unlimited flows there must be a different perspective – he adds – And at this moment an important glimmer opens up. The government has increased regular flows, and it has done well. And everyone, in their relationship with reality, has profoundly changed” «I believe – continues Minniti – that two things could be done. The first is change the Bossi-Fini law which is now perceived by everyone as outdated. Changing it would be a good way to make Mattarella’s appeal concrete. Why not promote a debate in Parliament to decide together how to change the Bossi-Fini? Concentrated on two points: the effective use of legal entry quotas and bringing the theme of widespread reception into the law. Reaching a common point would be a small democratic masterpiece in the wake of Mattarella’s appeal”.

For Minniti it would be a good signal towards the EU: “Europe is risking losing Africa and it would be a disaster. The EU cannot wait for the next elections. I think Italy should promote an extraordinary summit of the leaders of state and government. Central to the issue of relations with Africa. And on the agenda is a plan for the stabilization, economic growth and prosperity of Africa with important and immediately usable resources”. Like Meloni’s Mattei plan? “See the visions aren’t that far away? In this context, legal immigration channels managed by embassies could be opened. And for the waiting migrants to take courses in Italian to get to know our country and to train them».