Anti-inflation pact: many products at blocked or discounted prices. Consult the participating sales points in all the provinces. GUIDE


By John

32 associations joined the initiative.

Below is the list, organized by province, of the shops and points of sale in the national territory that are participating in the initiative.

To facilitate consultation, the list of each province is ordered by municipality and postal code of reference.

The lists are constantly updated. Updated versions with additions and new memberships will be published in the next few days.

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Emilia Romagna

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Trentino Alto Adige


Valle d’Aosta



A1. What is the anti-inflation quarter?

The “anti-inflation quarter” is a Government initiative aimed at encouraging price containment and protecting the purchasing power of consumers, especially families, in order to counteract the inflationary pressure and prevent it from becoming structural.

A2. How does the anti-inflation quarter work?

The participating companies will promote from 1 October to 31 December 2023 a selection of items at affordable prices using flexible methods.

A3. What types of products are affected?

Basic necessities, food and non-food consumer goods, including those included in the “shopping cart”, as well as products for children and personal care.

A4. How can I recognize the businesses participating in the campaign?

The businesses and companies that join the initiative are recognizable by the use of the Government’s tricolor logo (sticker), which incorporates the colors of the Italian flag, with the words “anti-inflation quarter”. The complete list of members with their relative location can be consulted in the dedicated area of ​​this site.

TO5. Is the initiative aimed at everyone, or does it only concern certain categories of consumers?

All citizens can benefit from the initiative. The promotions created are accessible to everyone, regardless of ISEE, age and use of other social inclusion or poverty support measures.

A6. Where can I find the list of businesses participating in the initiative?

The list of members can be consulted on the dedicated page:
Anti-inflation quarter – List of members

A7. Does the initiative also apply to online shopping?

The initiative is valid online if the individual merchant decides to display the sticker in the online cart.

A8. How can I report any abuse or incorrect behavior?

Go to the Price Guarantor page.

A9. When will the measure be active and how long will it last?

The measure has a temporary duration, equal to three months, starting from 1 October 2023 and until 31 December 2023.

A10. Is there a list of products that will benefit from controlled prices?

No, there is no detailed list of the specific products covered by the initiative. Each participating operator will be able to contribute to the fight against inflation by freely choosing the items that will be the subject of anti-inflation promotions, as long as they are basic necessities, food and non-food consumer goods, including those included in the “shopping cart”, as well as of baby and personal care products. Consumers will find at the points of sale that will participate in the initiative (listed in the specific section of the MIMIT website) and/or in the public information tools, the products that will benefit from controlled prices in compliance with the Anti-inflation Quarter initiative indicated next to the ministerial logo.


B1. How can I use the campaign sticker?

The businesses that join the initiative can display the campaign sticker and can also use it in their communication channels to the public according to: a) the indications provided by the distribution associations to which they belong; b) the guidelines transmitted to the participating associations and freely available on this site at the page:
Anti-inflation quarter – What is it. Documents

B2. And where can I find it?

The media kit will be provided to the participating distribution by the signatory associations and to the industry through a direct request for membership by the companies, to be forwarded to the address
(email protected).

B3. How widespread will the initiative’s information campaign be?

An adequate institutional communication campaign is planned at a national level for the entire quarter, with the use of the various media communication channels (radio, TV, web, etc.).

The Ministry of Business and Made in Italy also undertakes to guarantee maximum publicity through the institutional website of the Ministry, also, where possible, through geographical localization systems of participating companies.

B4. What freedom of choice do I have in choosing the products to include in the campaign?

Total freedom. The choice relating to the selection of items to be included in the initiative is in fact totally discretionary (provided that they are part of the basic necessities, food and non-food items for large consumption, including those included in the “shopping cart”, as well as products for childhood and personal care).

B5. I learned about the initiative and find it interesting. Can I still join?

For information about joining, contact the email address
(email protected).

For any other information, citizens and businesses can contact (email protected).