Appointments in Healthcare: Cuccì arrives at the Asp of Messina, Santonocito at the Policlinico, Lanza at “Bonino Pulejo”, Di Blasi at Papardo


By John

The Schifani governmentduring this evening’s council meeting, appointed, on the proposal of the Health Councilor Giovanna Volo, the new managers of Sicilian healthcare. The names of the general directors of the 15 regional health facilities and the 3 university polyclinics, as required by current legislation, were chosen from the shortlist of 49 suitable candidates drawn up on the basis of the evaluations of the selection commission.

Pending the completion of the process with the opinion of the Institutional Affairs commission of the Ars, those designated will lead the same companies as extraordinary commissioners from tomorrow, with the exception of Gaetano Sirna who has been confirmed as general director of the Catania Polyclinic until October 2025. As regards, however, the university hospitals of Palermo and Messina, the leaders were identified within a trio of names proposed by the respective rectors.

He will be nominated in the Messina ASP Giuseppe Cucci at FdI altitude, while Pulejo will arrive at Piedmont-Bonino Maurizio Lanza (leaving from the ASP of Catania, now with Forza Italia). At Papardo a new entry, it’s about Blasi Chain (indicated by Raffaele Lombardo’s Mpa), while the Gelese arrives at the Policlinico Messina hospital Giorgio Giulio Santonocito. A Messina, Ferdinando Croceformer chief of staff of councilor Ruggero Razza who the Musumeci wing would have wanted at the Palermo Civic Center in place of Walter Messina, goes to the Asp of Trapani.

«We have defined the new healthcare structures in Sicily – highlights the President of the Region, Renato Schifani – within the times we had established. It is another commitment respected, as is that relating to the selections for the role of healthcare and administrative directors who will have to support the new managers. The council has chosen qualified figures in terms of professionalism to lead the companies and hospitals. The new managers will have to manage the delicate phase that the regional healthcare system is about to experience, in implementation of the lines that the government intends to establish to make the sector more modern, efficient, economically sustainable and, above all, increasingly attentive to citizens. A healthcare that cures, but above all takes care of patients. We are carrying out important work for the completion of hospital structures that have been awaited for years now, for the reduction of waiting lists and for the rationalization of the healthcare network, also addressing issues related to medical and auxiliary staff. A work that requires the synergistic effort of the government and managers to guarantee Sicilians, like citizens of other regions, high quality healthcare that allows them to take care of themselves in the best possible way in their homeland.”

Below are all the names and destinations of the new general directors appointed in the nine provincial health companies:

  • Asp Palermo: Daniela Faraoni
  • Asp Catania: Giuseppe Laganga Senzio
  • Asp Messina: Giuseppe Cuccì
  • Asp Agrigento: Giuseppe Capodieci
  • Asp Caltanissetta: Salvatore Lucio Ficarra
  • Asp Enna: Mario Carmelo Zappia
  • Asp Ragusa: Giuseppe Drago
  • Asp Syracuse: Alessandro Caltagirone
  • Asp Trapani: Ferdinando Croce

These are the managers designated to Palermo, Catania and Messina for hospitals, Arnas and Irccs and polyclinics

  • Arnas “Civico” Palermo: Walter Messina
  • Hospital “Villa Sofia-Cervello” Palermo: Roberto Colletti
  • Arnas “Garibaldi” Catania: Giuseppe Giammanco
  • “Cannizzaro” hospital in Catania: Salvatore Emanuele Giuffrida
  • “Papardo” hospital Messina: Catena Di Blasi
  • Irccs “Bonino Pulejo” Messina: Maurizio Letterio Lanza
  • Palermo Polyclinic: Maria Grazia Furnari
  • Catania Polyclinic: Gaetano Sirna
  • Messina Polyclinic: Giorgio Giulio Santonocito