Catanzaro restarted with its qualities, a serene atmosphere after the draw with Palermo


By John

Catanzaro’s restart and its many reasons: the effectiveness of the game, the defensive resistance, the mental and physical continuity over the 90′, the ability not to suffer the setback after Palermo’s equaliser, the performances of the individuals, from who has thrown it in like Biasci to generous and essential soldiers like Veroli, who seems anything but a baby. With the 1-1 draw on Friday evening the Giallorossi showed signs of growth and therefore of confidence, they expressed themselves better than the apathetic and mechanical ones defeated 3-0 by Feralpisalòthey were more solid and centered than the schizophrenic ones who had defeated Lecco 5-3 in the first return match.
Four points in three races after the halfway point are a sufficient haul, but the last of the four deservedly snatched from a big team can be worth double: Vivarini had asked for humility and he was not disappointed.
«It is certainly an important point against a team as big as Palermo, it was logical that they would put us in difficulty and in fact they tried in every way to win, as we did. It is a draw that weighs on the standings in terms of our objective”, explained Veroli after the match.
The defender did very well, as almost always happened. He looks older than he will be 20 tomorrow, he hasn’t suffered too much from a bad client like Di Mariano, he reiterated that his growth prospects are very broad, it’s no coincidence that the coach Vivarini, the sporting director Magalini, and the president Noto believe can have a future in Serie A.
«It wasn’t an easy match, Palermo is a well-organised team with important individuals like Di Mariano, who moved towards me, but we prepared them well during the week, we managed to come out with ball possession several times, we played a good match both in the possession and non-possession phases”, added the player from the Marche, who Catanzaro took on loan with the right to buy from Cagliari (the Sardinians have the option for a counter-buy).
Before the injury at the beginning of December (compound fracture of the fifth toe of the left foot), Veroli was the under player who had played the most, even than Katseris. Now that the Greek has gone to Lorient in Ligue 1, number 72 is once again the king of the Giallorossi’s Generation Z.
«I didn’t think I’d find the space I had right away, I managed to adapt well to the championship, it was a good test, as happens in every category you face for the first time, but this one can always put you in difficulty. Is the sale of Katseris a stimulus? Catanzaro is an important place, very followed and Panos’ departure is an example of this”, underlined Veroli, on the pitch from the start for the second consecutive match after his return.
«Was I afraid of losing my job when I was injured? No, I saw it as a time to work without stopping. I don’t feel like a starter, I think we are all important players and we always have to give our best, then every week it is the coach who puts those who deserve it into the lineup. How am I now? My leg is there, towards the end of the race I felt some cramps, but I also pushed forward. In short, physically I feel good.” And Catanzaro is starting to feel better too.