Assets released from two managers of the former Catanzaro hospital


By John

The Court of Auditors has revoked the seizure of movable and immovable assets worth over five million euros which had been ordered on 27 March by the jurisdictional section of the same body of accounting justice against two managers of the former hospital company ” Pugliese-Ciaccio» of CatanzaroElga Rizzoaged 53, and Vittorio Prejanò, of 67, due to alleged fiscal damage to the organisation's coffers. The facts alleged against the two managers date back to approximately ten years ago and concern the failure of the former hospital to receive large sums due to a settlement agreement stipulated in 2014 with the private nursing home “Villa Sant'Anna” in relation to the credits claimed by the Company from the clinic for the sale of blood and blood-derived products. The Court ordered the release from seizure, stating that “the accusatory arguments are partial” and that “it is not obvious that Elga Rizzo and Vittorio Prejanò”, defended respectively. by lawyers Alfredo Gualtieri And Luigi Combariati, «acted 'motu proprio' as the transaction with the 'Villa Sant'Anna' nursing home was initiated by an internal request from the director of the transfusion center of the former hospital, who was the subject responsible for the service of blood-derived products”.