At 78 years old on a sailing boat from Afghanistan to Roccella Jonica to see her daughter again: Maryam's story


By John

There Maryam's storyan Afghan woman from 78 years old, is a touching tale of determination and familial love. He left her town with the desire to see her daughter again in Germany, Maryam faced a grueling journey that lasted over a year. From Afghanistan, she crossed Iran and Anatolia, paying dearly for each step, until she reached the Turkish coast. From there, she boarded a sailboat with 83 other people, traveling the dangerous sea route to Calabria.

Maryam's motivation was clear: her daughter, after the Taliban took power, had managed to reach Germany in 2021 with her husband, leaving her teenage son in the custody of her grandmother. Determined to reunite her family and bring her grandson to safety, Maryam undertook the risky journey, aware of its difficulties and dangers.

Upon arrival in Roccella Jonica, Maryam showed gratitude towards the rescuers, but her determination to reach Germany was unshakable. Despite attempts to convince her to ask for political asylum in Italy, she refused and, having obtained the rejection decree, she left with her nephew towards her final destination. This story highlights not only Maryam's courage and determination, but also the reality of contemporary migration paths and the difficult situation of family reunification.