At the Vittorio Emanuele in Messina young music celebrates 78 years of the Republic


By John

Citizens and institutions, but above all young people: with them and for them the founding principles of Italian Republic which will turn 78 tomorrowcontinue to be a safeguard of legality and freedom. It opened on the notes of “Mokarta” by Kunsertu performed by the choir of the Maurolico classical high school “Waiting for June 2nd”, the party organized by the Prefecture, in collaboration with the Ente Teatro Vittorio Emanuele; a choral moment that was held yesterday afternoon at the Teatro Vittorio Emanuele with which Messina paid homage to the Italian Republic, which saw the participation of the Municipality of Messina, the Provincial School Office, the Strait Port Authority, the Army, the Arcangelo Corelli conservatory, the ATM, the Fire Brigade, the Italian Red Cross and the Sud Publishing Company.

The stylized image of turreted Italy that stands out on the Falce created by the artist Lelio Bonaccorso and the talent of the young people from the Messina schools were the soundtrack to an afternoon of great emotions experienced by those present.

And it is precisely to young people «desiring to take control of the country's future by spreading its good name through culture, a constitutive element of our identity», that the prefect Cosima Di Stani addressed her message, urging them to make it «a capable resource to generate knowledge, moral growth, economic development”. Continuing President Sergio Mattarella's speech, Di Stani proudly stated that «the Republic is the life of the women and men of this country, the history of Italians and their freedoms, of work, of forming and growing as a community», recalling how “the spirit of cooperation, essential to overcome the difficult moments linked to the war conflicts that are afflicting the world, but above all the need for broad democratic participation of the country, continues to be a shared commitment”.

During evening hosted by Salvo La Rosa, with the artistic coordination of Matteo Pappalardo and the scenographic coordination of Francesca Cannavò, the performances of the orchestral and choral ensembles of the Ainis musical high school and of the Mazzini comprehensive schools, Pascoli Crispi, Evemero da Messina, Gravitelli Paino, Boer Verona Trento crowned the ceremony of delivery of the diplomas of Honors of Merit of the Italian Republic conferred by the President of the Republic to: Filippo Romano, prefect of Agrigento (Commendatore of the Republic); Alfio Daniele Settimo, lieutenant of the carabinieri (Officer of Merit); Cosimo Gambadauro, deputy prefect of the Prefecture of Messina; Maria Cacciola, economic and financial official of the Prefecture of Messina; Francesco Irrera, retired lieutenant of the Navy; Pietro Materia, retired doctor; Gerolamo Broccio, retired lieutenant of the Carabinieri; Filippo Maria Parisi and Donato Zito, frigate captains of the Port Authority. In closing, outside the Theatre, the toast to the Republic on the notes of the Mameli Hymn – performed by the band of the Aosta Mechanized Brigade directed by lieutenant Fedele De Caro – and the cutting of the cake prepared by the Antonello Higher Education Institute, while the Tricolore illuminated the facades of the main city buildings.