Trump's anger: “They want to destroy our country. Process orchestrated by Biden”


By John

“They want to destroy our country”: Donald Trump said this speaking from Trump Tower in New York City after the verdict in the porn star case. The tycoon attacked the judge, once again calling him “corrupt” and “full of conflicts” of interest. Judge Juan Merchan “looks like an angel but he's really a devil,” he said.

An unfair trial, orchestrated by Joe Biden, Trump said. “If they do this to me they can do it to anyone,” he continued. “We live in a fascist state”. The tycoon later complained that he had been subjected to a gag order not to comment on the trial while he is running for the White House.

Biden responds with a post on X: “Trump threatens democracy and calls into question our justice system.”

“All of this is more important than me and my presidency, I'm fighting for our Constitution”, Trump said again at Trump Tower. What is happening to me should happen to no president, underlined the tycoon, confirming that he will appeal against the conviction.

“I would have liked to testify, I wanted to do it but the theory says that if you say something slightly wrong they will report you for falsehood. I didn't care but there was this thing,” the former president said again. “I would have loved to testify in court,” he added, “but there was a risk. Like, what if I said it's a beautiful day and instead it was raining.”

“We will keep fighting and make America great again”, Trump highlighted by relaunching the slogan 'Maga', portraying an America in decline and crisis. “The most important day in history will be November 5th,” he added, referring to Election Day.

Crowd in front of Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue in New York for Trump's speech. Many of those present are supporters of the former president, carrying flags with the words 'Trump won' in reference to the 2020 elections. Many are passing onlookers and tourists, many others are the media.