Autonomy, Orrico (M5S): Occhiuto's doubts? Better late than never


By John

«It is comforting to discover that President Occhiuto has taken a further step forward in evaluating the real extent of differentiated autonomy and the irreparable damage it will bring to the south and Calabria, to the stability of the country». The deputy says so Anna Laura OrricoCalabrian coordinator of the 5 Star Movement.

«Reading today's national news – adds Orrico – we candidly glimpse his legitimate fear, and understandable unease, towards a reform, inexorably branded Lega, which certainly cannot coincide not only with the interests of his land but also with the institutional vision of a governor who belongs to a moderate political force that professes to be rooted in the south. Of course, if he had expressed his doubts in due time in the State-Regions Conference when, instead, he voted in favor for team reasons and when, that is, we, and all the other free Calabrians, invited him not to do so, it would have been all a 'another story'.

«But – says the five-star parliamentarian and regional coordinator – as they say, better late than never. On the contrary, His presence on Tuesday in Rome would be significant, where all the political forces against differentiated autonomy will take to the streets. He could even set an example for some of his majority colleagues who in recent days, in the halls of Parliament, have forgotten the democratic rules and founding values ​​of the Republic.”