Putin: “Ours is a real proposal for peace with Ukraine.” Here are the conditions in the Kremlin. But Kiev replies: “It's all a farce”


By John

«Today we are making a real peace proposal, we are talking not about freezing the conflict but about its total cessation». President Vladimir Putin said this regarding the proposal for negotiations on the condition that the Ukrainians withdraw from four regions and renounce joining NATO. «We urge to turn the tragic page of history and gradually restore relations with Ukraine and Europe», he added. If the West and Ukraine refuse, Putin warned, they will bear “responsibility for the continuation of bloodshed.” Putin – reports the Ria Novosti agency – declared that to put an end to military aggression against Ukraine, Moscow requests that it have “a neutral, non-aligned status” and not have nuclear weapons.

The Russian president also calls for what he calls the “demilitarization and denazification” of Ukraine. Kiev renounced nuclear weapons in 1994 with the Budapest Memorandum with which Russia, the USA and Great Britain undertook to guarantee the territorial integrity of Ukraine .

“Of course, the rights, freedoms and interests of Russian-speaking citizens of Ukraine must be fully guaranteed, new territorial realities, the status of the republics of Crimea, Sevastopol, Donetsk, Lugansk, Kherson and Zaporizhzhia as subjects of the Russian Federation must be recognized”, declared Putin again according to Ria Novosti, maintaining that “these basic and fundamental provisions will have to be registered in the form of fundamental international agreements” and that “naturally this also implies the abolition of all Western sanctions against Russia”.

Kiev: “No peace proposal from Russia, it's just a farce”

“There are no new 'peace proposals' from Russia.” The Ukrainian presidential advisor states this on X Mikhaylo Podolyak commenting on the conditions proposed by the Russian president Vladimir Putin to negotiate the end of the war. “Of course there is nothing new, no real peace proposal and no desire to end the war. But there is the desire not to pay for this war and to continue it in new forms. It is all a farce. Therefore – one more once – get rid of illusions and stop taking seriously 'Russia's proposals' that offend common sense,” he declared. “The Putin entity expressed only the 'aggressor standard', which has already been heard many times,” Podolyak emphasized. “Its content is quite specific, highly offensive to international law and speaks absolutely eloquently about the inability of the current Russian leadership to adequately assess reality. Point by point, the “proposal of the RF (Russian Federation)” presents itself so: 1) Give us your territories; 2) Give up your sovereignty and subjectivity; 3) Remain without protection (no alliance membership); fill our militarized economy and make more investments in information provocations around the world. The most important thing is point 5) Let us urgently solve the 'non-failure of Russia' at the expense of Ukraine,” the Ukrainian advisor said.