Autonomy, the Chamber discusses and in Calabria we return to the streets


By John

Calabria will mobilize again tomorrow to say its “no” to the Calderoli bill on differentiated autonomy. And it does so at the same time as the general discussion scheduled in the Chamber, where the bill arrived in recent months following the green light obtained in the Senate in January. The regional capital, Catanzaro, will be the scene of the demonstration organized by the “Committee for the withdrawal of all differentiated autonomy, for the unity of the Republic and equality of rights” which will be held starting from 5.30 pm in Piazza Prefecture, where citizens will converge , associations and institutional representatives at regional level.
A crucial passage tomorrow in Montecitorio, which also comes after the “pronunciation” of the Calabrian Regional Council of 18 April last, when from the discussion at Palazzo Campanella came the invitation, from the majority plus Action, addressed to the government to “monitor with extreme attention to ensure that social and civil rights are guaranteed to all citizens throughout the national territory, ensuring the possibility of making agreements only following the prior full financing of all essential levels of services in all regions”.