Autonomy, the first yes arrives in the Senate amid protests from minority groups


By John

The choir with the Mameli anthem, the tricolors waved by the opposition and the flag of the Serenissima accompanyor the first yes to differentiated autonomy in the Senate.

The march of the Calderoli bill, amidst political clashes, brawls and notes of colour, now moves to Montecitorio to attempt a definitive green light before the European elections. At least this is the intention of the League which he would like to play the devolution card in the election campaign.


The protests of minority groups animated the epilogue of a political battle that reached its final stages without too many surprises. Despite the live TV, the party leaders did not intervene in the explanation of vote. At the beginning of the session only League ministers Roberto Calderoli and Matteo Salvini were in the government benches. We also note the absence of Ignazio La Russa on the presidential bench. Some say that it was a courtesy to the League to let Gian Marco Centinaio preside, for others it would be a way of not emphasizing the approval of a law which, speaking of devolution, creates friction with the centralist positions of FdI. When the Dems surprisingly throw away the A4 sheets of paper with the Italian flag printed on them during the explanations of vote, shouting “Long live anti-fascist Italy” and on some signs even the words “Long live Verdi”, FdI’s comment Andrea De Priamo doesn’t wait long, commenting: “From the red flag to the tricolor it’s already a good step forward”.

The position of the parliamentary groups

However, no one could have imagined that the result of the vote on the law on devolution to the Regions would be anticipated by the patriotic song par excellence: Brothers of Italy. That’s how it went, the Pd and M5s senators sang the first notes, followed by the rest of the opposition, the centre-right then didn’t miss the opportunity to join in. Everyone standing and singing. So while a powerful chorus went live on TV, Lega senator Mara Bizzotto pulled out the Liga Veneta flag while party colleagues around her took selfies. It’s chaos in the Chamber, Centinaio calls for order, gets some silence and announces the result, 110 yes, 64 no and 3 abstentions: opposition against, majority in favor and Action abstention with Maria Stella Gelmini voting in favor in dissent from the group.

The Spacca Italia

For the political side, the script that has been on the air for a few months has held sway. The opposition shouts “Spacca Italia” and declare battle with referendums and street calls, recalling the removal of the popular initiative law. FdI claims attention to national cohesion introduced in the bill, FI speaks of “a more autonomous but united Italy”. What group leader Francesco Boccia defines as Meloni’s surrender to the League, for the president of the Northern League senators Massimiliano Romeo is a “majority pact” to be “proud of”. The League therefore rejoices and for Calderoli it is a “Step forward towards a historic result” while Minister Salvini speaks of “a great result”.