Netanyahu freezes Biden on Gaza: no Palestinian sovereignty. Israeli raid on Damascus


By John

“Israel must maintain full control of the security of the Strip to ensure that Gaza no longer poses a threat to Israel, and this conflicts with the Palestinian demand for sovereignty.” This – according to Netanyahu’s office – is the position reiterated by Benjamin Netanyahu in yesterday’s conversation with Joe Biden. Netanyahu – the office added, referring to reports that Netanyahu did not oppose the two-state solution – “repeated his consistent position for years” also announced at a press conference the day before the meeting with Biden.

Nyt: “Netanyahu is turning against Biden”

«Netanyahu is turning against Joe Biden» who, this year, «seems to be running twice: once in America against Donald Trump and once in Israel against Netanyahu». This is stated by Thomas Friedman, the two-time Pulitzer Prize winning columnist for the New York Times. «Perhaps Trump could appoint Netanyahu as his deputy and this would save us a lot of time. Support for the Israeli leader is costing Biden the support of his progressive base, while Netanyahu turns against him in ways that could win him the support of right-wing American Jews”, observes Friedman in the New York Times, highlighting that Netanyahu is trying to position himself to stay in power by leveraging a clear message, that is, being the only one capable of countering the Americans and Arabs who want to force Israel to accept a Palestinian state.