Cosenza, large delegation in Rome for the thirtieth anniversary of Forza Italia


By John

He certainly couldn’t miss today’s important appointment the Bruzia delegation of Forza Italia. The political movement founded by Silvio Berlusconi in 1994 today it blows out its “first” thirty candlesa prestigious achievement that will be honored in the memory of the historic leader of Forza Italia, who recently passed away but with his name clearly imprinted in the symbol of the party, currently led by minister Antonio Tajani, destined to reconfirm his position at the scheduled national congress in Rome next February 23rd and 24th.
And still in the capital, today, in fact, the Azzurri met to celebrate thirty years of activity in the area, whose boost, certainly not secondary, comes from Calabria, thanks to the work of the ruling class and the work carried out , in recent years, by the regional governor, Roberto Occhiuto, in order to take on the role of deputy national coordinator of Forza Italia, Tajani’s deputy, in short, in order to recognize the commitment and dedication shown on the field.
Today’s event will take place in two parts, one on the roots, through the screening of videos and testimonies of those who were there in that distant 1994, including the founders, and the other dedicated to the future of the party, already projected towards the imminent electoral deadlines.