Barillà: “Reggina you have to believe it! Still many games to play”


By John

Leader on and off the pitch. Raised at Sant’Agata, he made his debut in Serie A with his hometown team in the 2005-2006 season. Originally from Catona, he returned to Reggio last September because he has the color amaranth tattooed on his skin.
The cover man is Nino Barillà who will turn 36 on April 1st. An injury prevented him from being on the pitch in Ravanusa against Canicattì. He followed the match on TV: «I had – he explains – a small strain and it was decided with the medical staff not to risk it. I hope to be there for the derby. Being outside is hard.”
How do you feel now?
«Luckily I have recovered and I can’t wait to be back. We are happy with the result obtained in Ravanusa. We deserved the three points, even if there was yet another refereeing error against us. It has now become customary to suffer sensational oversights. Girasole’s 1-0 was perfectly regular.”
Bolzicco’s time has finally arrived. Were you waiting for it?
«Tomas is working a lot. He had already scored against Real Casalnuovo, but his goal was disallowed. He’s a great guy who will give us a big hand. He has quality and we saw it in Ravanusa. As soon as he had the right opportunity he unlocked himself.”
Three goals and two assists for her. Do you intend to reach double figures?
«I’ll try because I still feel young. Even though he is no longer a child, I have the enthusiasm of the beginning. I’m still interested in the result, then who scores is of less importance.”
– What is your real goal?
«Trying to win as many points as possible between now and May. Reggio deserves to return to prestigious categories and we will try to give joy to our wonderful fans.”
Direct promotion is now over, do you still have hope of the playoffs?
«In football, never say never. I remember that when I was in Parma we ended the first leg eleven points behind the top. It seemed like it was over, but in the second round we achieved several positive results, finishing in second place. It was an extraordinary comeback that took us to A. Forbidden, therefore, to surrender, according to the captain. There are many matches to play and we will be able to have our say.”
Why did you decide to accept Reggina’s offer?
«I had other requests, but when I was offered the opportunity to sign I didn’t have a moment’s hesitation. I could have gone to Lega Pro, but the heart is not in charge. I didn’t make a question of category and I thank the management for trusting me.”
Did you listen to DG Ballarino’s conference?
“Yes. It is an ever-present company that leaves us with nothing. I understand the public’s disappointment when they lose, but we are faced with professionals who do their job seriously. A project is being carried out to return to professionalism.”
In home matches the stadium is packed. What effect does it have on you to see so many people in D too?
“Nobody. We people from Reggio love the amaranth team, regardless of whether it is in D or another category. There are four thousand spectators in the stands every Sunday and the Curva Sud remains the “twelfth man”. Perhaps in away matches you can perceive the amateurism a little more because the pitches are imperfect, see Ragusa where we encountered a lot of difficulties in making the ball flow.”
What derby will it be against Locri?
«Tough, but we can’t afford any more missteps. We must give continuity to Ravanusa’s success.”
Does being captain make you responsible?
«I feel honored to wear the armband. If I have to show my face, I don’t hold back and it also happened to me during the knockout against Real Casalnuovo. It is right to assume one’s responsibilities, especially when things don’t go as they should.”