Vibo, van on fire with a five-a-side football team on board: two young people avoid a tragedy


By John

Moments of fear last night on the SS18 between Longobardi and Vibo. A nine-seater van carrying a youth 5-a-side football team (the Bulldog Vibo) caught fire while it was heading towards the capital city around 9.30pm in the San Leonardo area. The intervention of two young university students from Vibo, Francesco Luigi Nocera and Francesco Caruso, was providential. Both were traveling along the SS18 towards Vibo Marina when they noticed the van passing on the other side of the road with sparks coming out of the vehicle. They didn’t think about it for a moment and decided to make a U-turn and go back towards Vibo trying to chase the vehicle. Flashing lights and horns until the driver of the vehicle sensed the danger and managed to get out, together with all the other passengers, and save himself. Providential, therefore, was the intervention of the two young “heroes” who prevented the evening from ending in tragedy by promptly calling the emergency vehicles and helping the unfortunates to reach safety on a dark and dangerous stretch of road.