Beaten and bullied, he decides not to go to school anymore: five minors reported in Gioia Tauro


By John

Bullying and complaints. In recent days, the agents of the State Police on duty at the Gioia Tauro police station, under the coordination of the Public Prosecutor's Office at the Juvenile Court of Reggio Calabria, have five minors responsible for carrying out various acts of bullying against one of their peers have been reported in a state of freedom.
The young victim, in the presence of his parents, told the police at the police station about the serious and repeated episodes of physical and verbal violence he suffered on a daily basis, both at school and elsewhere, so much so that it caused him a strong fear of leaving the house and induce him to no longer attend school lessons.
The intense investigative activity, promptly launched by the Gioia Tauro State Police following the complaint, made it possible to quickly identify the perpetrators of the aggressive conduct and report them to the competent Judicial Authority.