Reggio, the “Pasquino Crupi” Palace of Culture opens its doors to “The Via Crucis of Serafino Valla”


By John

The doors of the “Pasquino Crupi” Palace of Culture have opened on the exhibition “The Way of the Cross by Serafino Valla”. The master's staff Serafino Valla, edited by the professor Giammarco Props in collaboration with Giuseppina Vallawas inaugurated by the metropolitan mayor, Giuseppe Falcomatàby the deputy mayor Carmelo Versace and by the delegated councilor for culture, Filippo Quartuccio, in the presence, among others, of the Reggio municipal councilors Giovanni Latellae Franco Barreca.

The exhibition, which will remain open until May 5th, presents a total of fifteen new works, namely the fourteen stations of the Via Crucis and a fifteenth station that the master represented as the Resurrection. The new exhibition itinerary joins the one already available since last November 11th, entitled “The gentle art of Serafino Valla”, which can also be visited until next May 5th at the Palazzo della Cultura.

“It is an honor – said Falcomatà – to host, broadening his perspective, a great artist like Valla. The exhibition dedicated to the passion of Christ, rich in colors and the naïve features of the master from Luzzara, accompanies us to the Easter period from an artistic as well as spiritual profile”. “Serafino Valla – added the mayor – has been missing for 10 years now, but his splendid works have made him immortal before our eyes, never satisfied with art, culture and beauty”.

For the councilor Filippo Quartuccio, qSerafino Valla's art is “gentle art”. “This important project – he explained – represents the painful journey experienced by Jesus. On this occasion, therefore, the Metropolitan City wanted to give the community a true mix of art and spirituality along the path that will accompany us towards Lent. Palazzo “Crupi”, in this sense, confirms itself as a cultural place par excellence, open to any reality to qualify and diversify the artistic offer present in our territory”.

A territory, that of Reggio, which consolidates its relationship with the master Serafino Valla, as confirmed by his daughter Giuseppina: “I am grateful to the institutions and to the mayor Giuseppe Falcomatà because they welcomed my father's works with great interest and professionalism. Which fills my heart because I believe it is important to spread the universal thought of the artist Serafino Valla”. “The exhibition dedicated to the Via Crucis – stated the curator – makes known the spiritual aspect of maestro Valla's work. A year after the great success achieved at the Sanctuary of Verna, place of the stigmata of Saint Francis of Assisi, this truly significant exhibition fills the rooms of one of the most important cultural sites in the Calabria region”.