Bitter draw for the new Reggina in Agrigento: controversy for a denied penalty


By John

The new Reggina does not go beyond the 1-1 draw in Agrigento. A result that is not satisfactory both due to a particularly negative performance for a period of time and the need to improve a ranking that continues to not be exceptional. The three points were also needed to raise the general level of confidence and instead yet another failed victory arrived.

There is also anger over a penalty not awarded in full injury time. The Esseneto challenge proposed a two-faced Reggina. The first half suffered the verve and intensity of the home team and deservedly went down. Then there was the second half which took control of the game and managed to straighten out a match which turned out to be, as expected, complicated.

The first part of the match saw the Sicilians control the game and take advantage of an opponent who also had a few missed passes in defence, one of the Amaranths’ strong points. The clear example was Sicilian’s opening goal. It all started with a strike by Di Mauro on the defense lined up on the attacking left. The home player’s cross shot hit the post and danced on the goal line, probably exceeding it entirely. Referee Galiffi from Alghero awarded the goal and the television images seem to agree with the match director.

There was no amaranth reaction in the first half. Trocini’s men were never able to give adequate support to Bolzicco, also due to Rossetti’s absence from the first minute. The latter, due to a problem in finishing, only entered the final part of the race.

In the second half the Amaranths changed their tactical alignment and also their attitude. Zucco initially started as a winger in the 4-4-2 and was brought back into the middle, and Barillà played closer to the striker.

Reggina appeared more convinced and capable of arriving first on the second balls, on a pitch on which it was difficult to play. Perri’s equalizer came from an insistent action, as he collected a ball in the area and sealed the 1-1 draw.

From that moment on, also thanks to the home team’s decline, the Amaranths began to build scoring chances. The intervention of goalkeeper Sorrentino on a close range shot by Provazza and then on Ingegneri in injury time was decisive. There were many opportunities for the Amaranths who often missed the last pass in favorable situations.

The amaranth protests at the end of the match were very strong, also due to an intervention on Rosseti after the time had expired. The feeling is that there were conditions for a potentially decisive penalty for Trocini’s team.



AKRAGAS (4-3-1-2): Sorrentino 7; Rechichi 6, Cipolla 6, Pantano 6, Di Stefano 6; Perez 6(25′ st Baio sv), Sanseverino 6.5, Di Mauro 7 (45′ st Bruno sv); Grillo 6 (37′ st Mannina sv); Leuca 6 (15′ st Trombino sv ), Marrale 6 (20′ st Llama sv ). Available: Busa, Buscemi, Scandurra, Sinatra. All. Cup 6.5

REGGINA (4-4-2): Martinez 6, Parodi 5 (33′ st Salandria sv), Girasole 6, Ingegneri 6, Martiner 6.5; Provazza 6 (36′ st Bontempi sv), Mungo 5.5 (33′ st Rosseti sv); , Barillà 6 (42′ st Bianco sv, Zucco 5,5, Perri 6 (33′ st Cham sv), Bolzicco 5. Available: Velcea, Kremenovic, Bianco, Marras, Coppola, All. Trocini 5

Warned: Martinez, Mungo, Parodi, Barillà, Rechichi

Recovery: 1′ and 5′

Markers: 23′ Di Mauro, 5′ st Perri

Referee: Galiffi of Alghero 5