Bobi is being investigated, wasn’t the Portuguese dog the oldest in the world?


By John

The story that amazed and moved the web is now under investigation. After receiving several requests from skeptical vets, in particular Danny Chambers, on behalf of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, the Guinness Book of Records announced that it had opened an investigation into the age of Bobi, the dog who died on 21 October last, as reported and apparently verified, at 31 years old.

The record was validated by the Guinness Book of Records in February this year, when Bobi would have been 30 years and 266 days old, but according to scientists, the case of a dog that died at an age which, compared to a human being, would correspond to 200 years should be investigated. And from what The Guardian newspaper reports, immediately picked up by the Portuguese press (the dog, of the «Rafeiro» breed from Alentejo, was born and raised in the province of Leiria), it appears that the only testimony is a photo from 1999, but in the image the paws appear to have a different color and may not be those of the dog who solemnly celebrated his 31st birthday last May 11th, surrounded by a hundred guests from all over the world. Bobi’s story also had a dramatic and moving side.

The other dogs in the litter had all been killed and Bobi, except for a miracle, was later found, hidden among the wood, by little Leonel Costa, who was eight years old at the time and forced his parents to keep him. Costa took care of Bobi until his death. Contacted now by the press, he has so far not wanted to make any comment.