Bologna massacre, De Angelis apologizes: “I created inconvenience”. The president of Lazio: “Meloni is not happy”


By John

«In recent days I have expressed some personal reflections on my social profile, which have instead become the subject of a controversy that has involved everyone. I intend to apologize to those, and there are many, starting with the people closest to me, to whom I have caused inconvenience, dragging them into a situation that has taken on unimaginable dimensions for me”. She writes it on Facebook, Marcellus De Angelisinstitutional manager of communication of the Lazio Region in reference to his words on Bologna massacre. In the long post De Angelis does not announce his resignation.

The position of the president of Lazio

«I will see Marcello De Angelis in the afternoon and I will hear what he will tell me. Yesterday I clearly expressed my position, also on the sentences. De Angelis made an important mistake speaking in terms of certainty even if in a personal capacity. I will make my assessments but he has no political role in the regional administration. I talk very often with Meloni, we got to talk: he asked me to clarify and he was certainly not happy about what happened ». This was stated by the president of the Lazio Region, Francesco Roccaparticipating in the inauguration of two new wards at the Santa Maria Goretti Hospital in Latina talking about the De Angelis case.

The president of the Lazio region reiterated his position on the fascist matrix of the Bologna massacre questioned by his communications chief, Marcello De Angelis, in a Facebook post that created endless controversy. «We have a season of massacres that has been marked by murky interests. To deny this is to deny history. Having said that, the sentences must be respected and also for the case of the Bologna massacre, as I have already said, I am sticking to what the Cassation has sealed”. Rocca then concluded: «As far as the Bologna massacre is concerned, we need to clarify the role of figures such as Federico Umberto D’Amato, Ortolani having said that – he adds – I hope that there will be a total declassification as regards the massacres that have torn apart our country in order to subvert the democratic order”.