Show in Frosinone, Cosenza draws 3-3: one-two Ciociaro with Harroui and the former Borrelli, Tutino and Zilli draw. Then online Baez and Voca


By John

Markers: 3′ pt Harroui, 18′ pt Borrelli, 25′ pt Tutino, 65′ st Zilli, 73′ Baez, 82′ st Voca,

FROSINONE (4-3-3): Turati (44′ st Palmisani); Oyono, Monterisi (29′ st Szyminski), Romagnoli, Marchizza (44′ st Klitten); Gelli (29′ st Bidaoui), Mazzitelli (33′ st Kujabi), Harroui (44′ pt Brescianini); Baez (33′ st Selvini), Borrelli (19′ st Cuni), Kvernadze (19′ st Garritano).
Subs: Pahic, Macej.
Coach: Di Francesco.
COSENZA (4-2-3-1): Mikai; Martino (24′ st Rispoli), Meroni, Venturi (1′ st Cimino), D’Orazio (29′ st Rigione); Calò (33′ st Maresca), Zuccon; Tutino (19′ st Voca), D’Urso (38′ st Finotto), Arioli (8′ st Zilli); Mazzocchi.
Subs: Lai, Marson, Occhiuto, Maresca, Cubretovic.
Coach: Caserta.
Referee: mr. Marinelli of Tivoli (Rome); assistants: Mr. Stefano Del Giovane from Albano Laziale (Rome) and Pietro Dei Giudici from Latina; Fourth Official Luca Massimi of Termoli (Cb).
Scorers: 2′ pt Harruoi (F), 20′ pt Borrelli (F), 24′ pt Tutino (C), 28′ st Baez (F), 37′ st Voca (C).
Notes: total spectators: 1,115 (of which 66 guests); total collected euro 7,813; corners: 6-3 for Frosinone; bookings: 37′ pt Calò (C), 42′ st Arioli (C) recoveries: 2′ pt; 0’st.

Luxury friendly match for Cosenza di Caserta who, eight days after the super match in the Italian Cup against Sassuolo, crosses the newly promoted Frosinone away. A field that evokes very sweet (and recent) memories for the rossoblùs: the external success in Ciociaria (goal from Brescianini, now at Frosinone, in full recovery) can be considered a cornerstone placed on the path to salvation then conquered in the playouts against Brescia. Di Francesco’s Frosinone, on the other hand, is preparing for the advance – always in the Italian Cup – with Pisa. The ex festival immediately loses a protagonist: Case, inserted among the owners, raises the white flag due to a muscle discomfort. Instead of him the Georgian Kvernadze. Regularly on the field, however, Borrelli and Baez. Brescianini and Garritano start from the bench.

The record

Not even the time to take the measures that Frosinone takes the lead in the 3′ minute with the new signing Harroui which exploits a defensive mess of Cosenza (Zucconon the passage of Mikai, loses the ball) and inflates the net with the help of the post. The young man Arioli he wanted to take advantage of the chance offered by Caserta and with a header he almost hit the post in the 6th minute. at 12′ little one he doesn’t frame the goal from a good position after a blunder by the home defense. Borrelliin the 19th minute, collects a precise assist from Harroui and with a mockery Mikai. Tutino collects a rejected by Turati and reopen the game. Goal deserved for a Cosenza that is well juggled. One of the many ex between the field and the bench, Baez, tries from a distance. The rossoblù attacker gets the visiting defense drunk and kicks around, touching the post to Turati’s left. Sparkling race. Frosinone creates the conditions to take a 3-1 lead but Micai says no to Borrelli. Last thrill of a crackling first half. Skill essay by Kvernadze 5′ after the start of the second half, action persisted on the left and a shot that hits the crossbar (the second one for the locals). An imperious header from Zilli (from a precise cross from the left by voice) is worth the draw for Cosenza, after a whirlwind of substitutions. The competition of the exes could only be conditioned by their plays. It was Baez’s turn, on 28′, to bring the ciociari forward with a precise conclusion following a cross from Brand. Cosenza doesn’t give up and finds the 3-3 with Voca in the 38th minute: a trip from outside the area that leaves the Ciociaria goalkeeper without a chance.

The match ends with 6 goals and a large amount of play and chances on both sides. From next weekend it will be serious for both.