Brawl, attempted extortion and resistance to a public official: 27-year-old from Patti under house arrest


By John

The policemen of the PS Police Station of Patti carried out the order for the application of the precautionary measure of house arrest, issued by the GIP at the Court of Patti, against a twenty-seven year old from Patti held responsible for the crimes of brawling, attempted extortion and resisting public official.

The facts date back to the evening of last February 18th, inside a well-known public establishment in Patti, which in addition to already being a point of reference in the local city center, on the aforementioned occasion was extremely popular since on the same day the traditional carnival parade of the city of Patti had taken place. On the evening in question, around 9.50 pm, at the end of the aforementioned carnival procession, personnel from the PS Patti police station, specially employed for the occasion on public order duty, passing in front of a commercial establishment, noticed that right in front of the itself there was a large group of people trying to contain some boys who, shouting, were struggling forcefully to try to free themselves and return to the aforementioned room.

The police personnel promptly intervened, managing to block and identify the subjects who had resisted the officers' activity on the occasion.

The subsequent activity carried out by the policemen of the Patti PS police station through the viewing of the images of the video surveillance system and the collection of the testimonies of the people present, it was possible to ascertain that shortly before, inside the commercial establishment, the recipient of today's precautionary measure, in the grip of alcohol fumes, he had attempted to extort drinks from the restaurant staff without having paid for them. The situation then quickly degenerated, resulting in a fight which also involved other customers, who took part by throwing several kicks and punches.

For these reasons, the GIP of the Court of Patti, at the request of the Public Prosecutor's Office directed by the Prosecutor Angelo Vittorio Cavallo, considering the seriousness of the facts and deeming there to be a serious risk of repetition of conduct similar to that carried out on the occasion, given the insensitivity and unscrupulousness shown by the subject in the circumstance led to the application of the precautionary measure of house arrest.

It should be noted that the proceeding is still in the preliminary investigation phase and that, in compliance with the principle of presumption of innocence and until the final conviction becomes final, any further investigations that may become necessary will be carried out, also in the interests of the investigated.